June 2, 2016 Nashua Candidates Gather at City Hall

State Representative Jan Schmidt with Sylvia Gale and Pam Swersky - Ward 1

Former State Representative - Linda Harriott-Gathright - Ward 9

State Representative Allison Nutting ---- Ward 7

State Representative Jessica Ayala - Ward 4

State Representative Catherine Sofikitis - Ward 7

NDCC Member Francis Arias

State Representative David Cote - Ward 4

State Representative & Deputy Democratic Leader - Cindy Rosenwald - Ward 3

State Representative Marty Jack - Ward 9

Former State Representative Jack Kelley - Ward 5

State Representative Patricia Klee - Ward 3

Former State Representative Efstathia Booras - Ward 6

NDCC Member Dan Weeks

State Representative Suzanne Harvey - Ward 2

NDCC Member Marcus Hermansen

State Representative Amelia Keane - Ward 4

State Representative David Lisle - Ward 8

State Representative Skip Cleaver - Ward 8

Former State Senator Peggy Gilmour - District 12

State Representative Sue Newman - Ward 2

NDCC Member Gloria Timmons - Ward 2

Hillsborough County Commissioner Paul Bergeron - District 2

NDCC Member Garth Corriveau

NDCC Member Teresa Moler

Stete Representative Latha Mangipudi - Ward 8

State Representative Mark King - Ward 6

State Representative & Alderman At Large Mike OBrien - Ward 9

NDCC Member William Bryk


The Carousel of Nashua’s Democrats



Chair: Representative Skip Cleaver
Vice Chair: Michael Pedersen
Treasurer: Deidre Reynolds
Secretary: Representative Sue Newman
At Large Delegates:
Linda Gathright
Dave Tencza
JoAnne St. John
Gary Hoffman
Representative Jan Schmidt

 Ward 1:
Chair: Atlant Schmidt
Vice Chair: Jim Mason
Treasurer: June Haskel
Secretary: Elaine Thomas
At Large: Aron Insinga
At Large: Micahel Joseph
At Large: Andres Caamano
Ward 2:
Chair: Gloria Timmons
Vice Chair: JoAnne St. John
Treasurer: Pam Jorden
Secretary: David Darnell
At Large: Theresa Moler
At Large: Harvey Keye
At Large: Jordan Thompson
Ward 3:
Chair: Jane Buck
Vice Chair: Dan Weeks
Treasurer: Daniel Schrock
Secretary: Sonia Prince
At Large: Vicki Donchess
At Large: Dick Dasilva
At Large: Suzanne Vail
Ward 4:
Chair: Manny Espitia
Vice Chair: Bernadette Halloran
Treasurer: Fred Davis
Secretary: Brittany Wheeler
At Large: Mary Gorman
At Large: Megan O’Leary
At Large: Kathy Belbin
Ward 5:
Chair: Jack Kelley
Vice Chair: Tessa Ali
Treasurer: Michael Pedersen
Secretary: Dan Toomey
At Large: Sharon Bosse
At Large: Vicki Meagher
Ward 6:
Chair: Matt Coyman
Vice Chair: Tristan Husby
Treasurer: Faith Chamberlin
Secretary: Efstathia Booras
At Large: Tanya Prather
At Large: Representative Ken Gidge
At Large: Allison Palm
Ward 7:
Chair: Francis Arias
Vice Chair: Ray Guarino
Treasurer: Gary Hoffman
Secretary: Judy Blachek
At Large: Representative Catherine Sofikitis
At Large: Diane Raymond
At Large: Brad Brusso
Ward 8:
Chair: John Lisle
Vice Chair: Will Bateson
Treasurer: Joe Foster
Secretary: Joanne Newbold Lisle
At Large: Patricia Cusciano
At Large: Roy Goodman
At Large: Suzana Moreira
Ward 9:
Chair: Sumathi Madhura
Vice Chair: Vivian McGuire
Treasurer:Alicia McNichols
Secretary: OPEN
At Large: Richard Schwartz
At Large: Adrian George
At Large: Jamila Scales