June 2, 2016 Nashua Candidates Gather at City Hall

State Representative Jan Schmidt with Sylvia Gale and Pam Swersky - Ward 1

Former State Representative - Linda Harriott-Gathright - Ward 9

State Representative Allison Nutting ---- Ward 7

State Representative Jessica Ayala - Ward 4

State Representative Catherine Sofikitis - Ward 7

State Representative Mariellen MacKay - Ward 3

NDCC Member Francis Arias

State Representative David Cote - Ward 4

State Representative & Deputy Democratic Leader - Cindy Rosenwald - Ward 3

State Representative Marty Jack - Ward 9

Former State Representative Jack Kelley - Ward 5

State Representative Patricia Klee - Ward 3

Former State Representative Efstathia Booras - Ward 6

NDCC Member Dan Weeks

State Representative Suzanne Harvey - Ward 2

NDCC Member Marcus Hermansen

State Representative Amelia Keane - Ward 4

State Representative David Lisle - Ward 8

State Representative Skip Cleaver - Ward 8

Former State Senator Peggy Gilmour - District 12

State Representative Sue Newman - Ward 2

NDCC Member Gloria Timmons - Ward 2

Hillsborough County Commissioner Paul Bergeron - District 2

NDCC Member Garth Corriveau

NDCC Member Teresa Moler

Stete Representative Latha Mangipudi - Ward 8

State Representative Mark King - Ward 6

State Representative & Alderman At Large Mike OBrien - Ward 9

NDCC Member William Bryk


The Carousel of Nashua’s Democrats

NDCC ELECTIONS &  April Monthly Meeting


Monday, April 17th
Location: TBD
Check-in to start at 6:30
Meeting to begin at 7:00 pm


7:00 – 7:20    Follow up on By-Law Vote from March Meeting Motion to Amend By-Laws to Reflect Changes Voted on during the March, 2017 Monthly Meeting to Create an Executive Board that  includes four state committee representatives and a chair from each Ward of the City, offered by W. Barry, J. Lisle & D. Tencza
7:20 – 8:00    Speeches from NDCC Officer candidates and candidates for State Committee (please see below for the procedure for filing for one of these offices)
8:00 – 8:30    Break out by Ward to Elect Ward Officers (chair, vice-chair, treasurer and secretary)
8:30 – 9:00    Nominations for Delegates to the State Party Convention (27)

Procedure for Filing for Offices

1.  Candidates intending to run for the positions,
Chair, 1st Vice Chair, 2nd Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary  
or for one of the four positions as a State Committee Member,
may file by sending an email to Dave Tencza at dave.tencza@gmail.com by Monday, April 10th.  All candidates who notify the committee of their intent to run will be posted to the facebook page and an email will be sent out to the membership with this information by Wednesday, April 12th.
2.  Nominations will also be taken from the floor on the night of the election.
3.  Each candidate for an Officer position or seat on the State Committee is allowed up to 3 minutes to speak during the election portion of the meeting.
4.  There is no proxy voting. A member must be present at the meeting to vote.
5.  A member does not have to be present at the meeting to run for an office (either as an officer of the NDCC, a ward officer or delegate).  A member who is running for an Officer position or a position on the State Committee who cannot be present may delegate another person to speak on their behalf.
6.  Voting for Officers and State Committee members will be by paper ballots.
7.  Ward chairs and officers will be elected by the members in attendance of their ward.  Again, a member does not have to be present to run or be elected to a ward position.

Amended Constitution and By-Laws Below

NDCC Constitution and Bylaws – March 2017