June 2, 2016 Nashua Candidates Gather at City Hall

State Representative Jan Schmidt with Sylvia Gale and Pam Swersky - Ward 1

Former State Representative - Linda Harriott-Gathright - Ward 9

State Representative Allison Nutting ---- Ward 7

State Representative Jessica Ayala - Ward 4

State Representative Catherine Sofikitis - Ward 7

State Representative Mariellen MacKay - Ward 3

NDCC Member Francis Arias

State Representative David Cote - Ward 4

State Representative & Deputy Democratic Leader - Cindy Rosenwald - Ward 3

State Representative Marty Jack - Ward 9

Former State Representative Jack Kelley - Ward 5

State Representative Patricia Klee - Ward 3

Former State Representative Efstathia Booras - Ward 6

NDCC Member Dan Weeks

State Representative Suzanne Harvey - Ward 2

NDCC Member Marcus Hermansen

State Representative Amelia Keane - Ward 4

State Representative David Lisle - Ward 8

State Representative Skip Cleaver - Ward 8

Former State Senator Peggy Gilmour - District 12

State Representative Sue Newman - Ward 2

NDCC Member Gloria Timmons - Ward 2

Hillsborough County Commissioner Paul Bergeron - District 2

NDCC Member Garth Corriveau

NDCC Member Teresa Moler

Stete Representative Latha Mangipudi - Ward 8

State Representative Mark King - Ward 6

State Representative & Alderman At Large Mike OBrien - Ward 9

NDCC Member William Bryk


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Photo provided by Mariellen MacKay

Angie Kopka died on Oct 28, at age 100, leaving a Democratic community legacy like few others.  She founded Kopka Real Estate in 1953.  In 1974, she became national President of the Women’s Council of Realtors.  In  1975, she served as President of the New Hampshire Board of Realtors.  In 1991, Angie won the Distinguished Service award from the National Association of Realtors.  Most folks would have retired content, but not Angie …..

In her second career, at age 88, Angie became a member of the state House of Representatives, representing Ward 5.  She served five terms until she retired at age 98 – making her the eldest sitting state legislator in the country.  Among her many unique qualities, she became known for handing out carnations at polling sites during elections – hence the drawing above.

Here are some thoughts and photos from her NDCC friends:

State Senator Bette Lasky:  As I’ve said many times, Angie was one of a kind! An amazing woman and a role model to so many of us. We used to joke and say, ” We all wanted to BE Angie when we grew up!  I had the pleasure of spending a lot of time with her as I used to drive her to and from the Statehouse when it was no longer safe for her to drive alone, which I think was well into her eighties. I loved listening to her stories of the trailblazer she was.  She loved her new career as a State Rep and we spent hours talking bills, politics, family, cooking ( she never cooked, her husband John, did all the cooking)😄.  She loved Hillary Clinton!  In 2007-8 when Hillary first ran, Angie would go everywhere with us to talk about women and the many changes she had seen in her lifetime. I was so hopeful that she’d be smiling down on us with glee as Hillary became President. Ah, that of course was not to be and I’m glad she didn’t know the outcome.

Ang, we miss you and thank you for all the wonderful times we enjoyed.  You will always be remembered and I will always think of you with love and gratitude.

Former State Representative Jack Kelley:  I still remember my wife Nancy and I standing with Angie outside Main Dunstable school on Election Day. She would be wrapped up in a coat and scarf and chasing voters across the parking lot to give them a rose and ask for their vote.On one Election Day, Nancy had to take her away to Jane Clemons house to warm up and have something to eat. She did not want to leave but finally did and fought to get back to the school.

The photo below is of Jeff Fontas (21) and Angie Kopka (92). They were the youngest and oldest state representatives in the country at that time. They were both from Nashua Ward 5.


Former State Senator Peggy Gilmour:  Not only was she her own businesswoman, which was very unusual; she was a top-seller and a force to be reckoned with.  When she campaigned, she would be the top vote-getter … and she would stand there, this little lady in her 90s, and hand out these little pink carnations to the voters as they’d come to the polls. And she got more votes than anybody, every election.


Mayor Jim Donchess:  She was a breaker of glass ceilings.


Your Nashua Democrats look forward to serving you!
* = incumbent
State Senator – District 13
Bette Lasky *
Hillsborough County Commissioner – District 2
Nashua State Representatives
Ward 1
Jan Schmidt
Ward 2
Suzanne Harvey * / Sue Newman
Ward 3
Cindy Rosenwald ** / Patricia Klee / Mariellen MacKay
Ward 4
David Cote * / Jessica Ayala / Amelia Keane
Ward 6
Ken Gidge * / Mark King
Ward 7
Allison Nutting / Catherine Sofikitis
Ward 8 
Latha Mangipudi * / Skip Cleaver / David Lisle
Ward 9
Marty Jack * / Mike O’Brien *
 ** Cindy Rosenwald also serves as the Deputy Democratic Leader of the
NH House of Representative – (2nd ranking Democrat)