Profile: Representative Jan Schmidt – Ward 1


Jan Schmidt
NH House of Representatives

Representative-elect Schmidt will begin her 2nd term in the 2017-2018 session.  Jan held the same seat during the 2013-2014 session.

The Nashua Telegraph ran the following posting for Jan on October 24th, 2016 –  “She said we are all part of our government and whether we are elected to serve or elect those that serve, we are working together to make sure that New Hampshire runs smoothly and that everything that needs doing gets done.

That was the message I took to Concord after being elected in 2012, and that was why when we received a request from a constituent to make driving safer by restricting the use of cell phones by drivers, we took it to the Statehouse.

It isn’t just one voice that made this happen, but it started here: in Ward 1, Nashua. One voice from a single citizen, then joined by hundreds, and as the numbers show, we’ve made New Hampshire a little safer.

Your trust in me wasn’t spent on just this one issue, however. In the Labor Committee we heard testimony that helped us make good decisions on the bills before us, bills that ranged from fair pay to workplace abuse. Citizens of New Hampshire came to express their needs and explained to us what they believed was important. When citizens participate we have a government that serves the people, a government that serves you and me.

Responsive representation is what you should expect from your public servants and I promise to provide that. Contact me anytime about any issue, and I will respond. We can talk, and together we can make our NH better for it.”


Phone:  (603) 880-6060

Age : 64
I’ve lived in Nashua for 16 years and in NH for 37 years; Married to Atlant Schmidt; Two Daughters; Two Grandsons; Retired instructor and web developer.

House Committee (2013-2014 session): Labor, Industrial, and Rehabilitative Services
Also a member of:
Democratic Economic & Business Caucus,
Governor’s Advisory Council on Advanced Manufacturing Education
NH Legislative Reproductive Rights Caucus

I believe we must:

  • Strengthen Support for New Hampshire’s Working Families
  • Focus on Effective Policies that Promote, Sustain, and Help Grow Emerging Local Businesses
  • Invest in:
    • NH’s Working Families including Healthcare
    • Quality Public Education including Higher Ed.
    • Lasting Infrastructure including Rail
    • Our Environment and our Communities


In my two years as a State Rep, the New Hampshire House had been able to work with the Governor and the Senate to repair some of the damage that was done to NH by the Bill O’Brien legislature; we’ve helped to get the state moving forwards again and I want to see that progress continue.

But the progress won’t continue if we allow one party to dominate in Concord, we can prevent that by turning the House Blue – and we need your help to make that happen.

So I’m asking for your vote in November, because regular people, our families, friends and neighbors, need someone to speak for them in Concord.

In the last legislature:

  • programs had been cut or decimated that might save a few dollars now but will cost us a great deal in the future
  • the fee and tax reductions only benefit a few and cost the rest of us in safety and security – like the Tobacco tax
  • laws with unintended consequences or short term benefit and long term hardship have been passed – deregulation

And sadly, most of the extreme agenda we’d experienced had come to NH from outside the state. We worked hard these last two years to set things right again, to bring NH back into balance, but we aren’t safe yet.