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The New Hampshire House of Representatives consists of 400 members who represent 204 Legislative Districts across the state.  When Senate numbers are included (the House and Senate together are refered to as the General Court), its total of 424 members is the largest in the United States and 4th largest in the English-speaking world.   Districts 28 thru 36 (twenty-seven Representatives) represent Nashua, New Hampshire.  Fourteen are Democrats.

Each New Hampshire Representative represents approximately 3,300 constituents. Indeed, if one applied New Hampshire’s ratio of House representation to The U.S. House of Representatives, that body would have approximately 99,000 members, using the latest U.S. Census figures.

New Hampshire’s Democratic Party legislators continue to be some of the most dedicated and hard-working Representatives in New Hampshire.

Your Nashua Democratic Representatives by Ward and District (2017-2018)

Ward 1 – District 28 Ward 2 –
District 29
Ward 3 – District 30
Jan Schmidt-880-6060 Suzanne Harvey
– 598-0582
Sue Newman – 880-8973
Cindy Rosenwald – 595-9696
Patricia Klee
– 966-0979
Ward 4 – District 31 Ward 5 –
District 32
Ward 6 – District 33
David Cote
– 882-2244
Jessica Ayala
Amelia Keane
  Ken Gidge – 888-2355
Mark King
Ward 7 – District 34 Ward 8 –
District 35
Ward 9 – District 36
Allison Nutting
Catherine Sofikitis
Latha Mangipudi
– 891-1239
Skip Cleavor
David Lisle
Marty Jack – 318-0457
Mike O’Brien
– 888-8051

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Trivia answer from “Your NH Democrats” – This is sort of a trick question.  The answer is none.  In fact, no New Hampshireite has even been a major contender in the primary.  New Hampshire’s only President, Franklin Pierce, served long before the existing primary system.