In Nashua & Hillsborough County

The City of Nashua Municipal Government

The City of Nashua Official Seal

FACTOID:  The City of Nashua’s Elected Officials Do Not Declare a Party!

The top ranking executive for The City of Nashua is Mayor Jim Donchess.  Nashua’s Mayor manages city affairs in conjunction with Nashua’s Board of Aldermen.

Nashua’s Board of Aldermen is the governing legislative body of the City of Nashua, and as such, is also the policy-making entity of the City, except where otherwise expressed in the City Charter. The Board of Aldermen consists of Aldermen representing Nashua’s nine (9) Wards. The nine Ward Aldermen are elected for a term of two years during every municipal election. Nashua also elects six (6) At-Large Aldermen, for terms of four years each. Three At-Large Aldermen are elected during each municipal election.

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Hillsborough County Government
Hillsborough County Official Seal

Below you’ll find a list of Hillsborough County’s elected officials. Sorry to say, none are Democrats.  Let’s see if we can change that the next time around!

  • Hillsborough County Attorney
  • Hillsborough County Sheriff
  • Hillsborough County Treasurer
  • Hillsborough County Register of Deeds
  • Hillsborough County Register of Probate
  • Hillsborough County Commissioner for District 2 ( there are three districts)

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