Profile: Representative Jessica Ayala – Ward 4


Jessica Ayala
NH House of Representatives
Ward 4

Representative Ayala will begin her 1st term in the 2017-2018 session.  


My position on the issues:  I believe we need to create a village and work together:

  • to stop the Opioid crisis by providing awareness and healthcare affordability for programs
  • to strengthen the economy with commuter rail
  • to create new job opportunities
  • to raise the minimum wage
  • to strengthen medicaid expansion

I also strongly believe in woman’s rights whom need to bond together and not be afraid to raise their voice if they are threatened and know they have rights that protect them in the workplace and at home.

I firmly believe if we come together we can make positive change in our community. As your leader for State Representative for Ward 4 I want to hear your voice and I will make sure it is heard at the NH State House.

Background:  As a Latina resident of Nashua for 28 years and first generation to graduate from high school and college in my family, I went to Nashua High South class of 1995, received my Bachelors degree at Franklin Pierce University and Masters of Business Administration at Daniel Webster College. I have been involved in the community through volunteer for the urban arts and young professionals in addition to my full time job as a project manager at a corporation. When I started volunteering in the Nashua community at Boys & Girls club it showed how important it is for children, teens and family have a place where they feel accepted. Then I got involved and currently volunteer in the urban arts and young professional non-profit organizations that led me to believe there are many opportunities to improve our Ward 4.